Doh! Was: RE: Windows 2000 Beta 3 and PDC?

Samuel Liddicott sam at
Mon May 17 13:47:12 GMT 1999

It does work on Win95, it has to be in user-mode (I think) but the user I connect as must be a valid "admin user".

This means the remote user desiring C$ access must be listed as an administrator in Control-Panel/Passwords/Remote-Administration

The default is "Domain Admins"; but I haven't worked out how to translate unix uid's to this windows user, so I just needed to add my unix uid to this list of administrators.

Now I can access C$ although it is not specified as a share.

Ff C$ IS specified as a share for say... c:\temp by some naught user, then that is what is seen; so I should make a logon script remove all C$ shares from the registry:

i.e. remove from

A$, B$, C$, D$ etc etc etc


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