Bug on NT-side ? Browsing domaine-users:

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffert at student.physik.uni-mainz.de
Mon May 17 10:46:35 GMT 1999

When i try to browse all domaineusers with the Usermanager everything is

But know look at the following:

When i try to change a file's permissions (on a NT4 Workstation, German,
SP4), and press the 'add'-button the explorer.exe crashes.

Lets see why:

After clicking on the 'add'-button, NT tries to browse all domaine-users
(by default) and crashes. When i stop the smbd right before the click,
everything is ok (but i cant browse the users).

Has anyone made the same experiences ?

Is there a way for better understanding whats going on ?

And another question:

Did anyone setup the NT-maschine that way domaineusers cant crash the
installation in 2 minutes (eg. deleting parts in registry or deleting
important files).


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