Windows 2000 Beta 3 and PDC?

Simon Butcher Simon.Butcher at
Mon May 17 04:14:53 GMT 1999

Hi Sean,

> Previously, I had been using samba as a domain controller for my NT40SP4 =
> box (using encrypted passwords of course.)
> I just upgraded to Windows 2000 Beta 3 and I cannot get my w2k box to =
> become part of my samba domain.  Is this even supported yet?

 I've got the Windows 2000 beta pack (shame on me :) and have the same
problem. I'm going to a Microsoft Conference which is coming up in about two
weeks - it's a big discussion about implementing windows 2000.. I'd like to
bring up samba into the discussion, because I know it's widely used, and
Microsoft have already some "support" about it (or rather a heap of pages on
their website saying that "certain Unix SMB clones, such as Samba" are able
to use devices on computers such as $C etc.)

 If anyone else has any questions that they want me to bring up, I'd be
happy to ask.. The only reason I'm really going is to suss out how samba and
windows 2000 will work.. I'm definitely not going back to Windows NT Server;
Once Samba supports blocking access to certain users using certain computer
like NT did, then the implementation is pretty much complete in my mind..


 - Simon

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