setting time for clients

Andy Bakun abakun at
Wed May 12 17:49:04 GMT 1999

"Dr. Dieter Becker" wrote:

> Using samba 2.0.3 on Solaris, everyone who logs in starts a logon-script
> with some net commands. Unfortunately the command "net time ..." does
> only run for administrators, not for normal user in the domain. What
> must be changed ?

Give "Everyone" the ability to set the time in the User Manager.
Login as local administrator, start up 'User Manager' (not 'User Manager for
Domains').  Under the "Policy" menu, select "User Rights".  Choose "Change the
system time" from the dropdown box, and add "Everyone".  If you are using a
2.0.x version of samba, and perhaps 2.1.x, it might be wise to disconnect the
network cable from the machine during this, so that User Manager doesn't crash
when it tries to get a user listing from the PDC, as samba doesn't support
that really well yet.  It will take a while while it gets a user list, but it
will eventually time out, and you select Everyone from the list of accounts on
the local machine.

> Or does another function exists for synchronizing time between the
> samba server and the clients?

There is, but I don't use 'em.

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