No domain server was available...

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed May 12 13:11:27 GMT 1999

Frederic Lejal wrote:
> "No domain server was available to validate your password..."

The is caused by the client not being able to resolve 
the DOMAIN<1b> netbios name.  If the server and client are 
on the same subnet, you should not get this error message
(although I can think of circumstances where you would).
If the two are on different subnets, then you will need 
to use either a WINS server or local LMHOSTS files to 
help the client resolve the name.

> - Is it mandatory to use encrypted passwords ?

Only for domain logons from Windows NT clients

> - Do you see what other thing should be done/tested ?
> When my Windows 95 boxes will be able to use "netlogon", I 
> will also use this for some Windows NT 4SP4 Worstations. 
> What will I have to change ?

Have you read the NT Domain FAQ?  It's linked off any of 
the Samba mirrors under the documentation page.  That should 

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