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Frederic Lejal fl at
Wed May 12 11:30:45 GMT 1999

Hi samba gurus !

We are currently using samba to share directories and printers between 
Linux server and Windows clients. I have recently seen that samba can 
be used for Windows network logons. I would like to use this functionality, 
but I must miss something. I have read some documentation 
(ENCRYPTION.txt, Win95.txt, WinNT.txt, NTDOMAIN.txt, DOMAIN.txt, 
mail archives, ...) and tested somehow different samba configurations to 
use netlogon services from a W95 box, but the message of the Win95 box 
is always the same :

"No domain server was available to validate your password..."

Still being in a test phase, I wanted to start playing with samba without 
encrypted passwords. I modified the registery entry on the Windows 
boxes to allow Plain Text Passwords. 
Directories and printers sharing works very well.

I use RedHat Linux 5.2 (with PAM), samba 2.0.3 (from 
samba-2.0.3-19990228.i386.rpm package), and Windows 95 OSR2.

Here is my samba configuration file : 
[An attachment was originally included here].

Here is the contents of PAM file for samba :

auth    required        /lib/security/ nullok shadow
account required        /lib/security/

In  netlogon section, I use a perl script to generate the logon batch. This 
works nice when testing an authentication from smbclient.
But when I try to login from a Windows box, I have the "No domain..." 
message. Samba does not log anything (seems it is not contacted by the 
Windows box). Each test of the 
list is successful.

What do I miss to have a Windows 95 box use samba's user 
authentication ?

- I have no CONFIG.POL file in my netlogon directory. Is this mandatory ?
- Is it mandatory to use encrypted passwords ?
- Do you see what other thing should be done/tested ?

When my Windows 95 boxes will be able to use "netlogon", I will also use
this for some Windows NT 4SP4 Worstations. What will I have to change ?

Thanks a lot for any help,
best regards,
Frédéric LEJAL <frederic.lejal at>
InfoDesign Communications S.A.				T: +41-22-771.0440
1 chemin Plein-Vent, CH-1228 Arare-Genève	F: +41-22-771.0441
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