Building a server & SMB network - RFC

Tim Lank timlank at
Tue May 11 17:25:18 GMT 1999

Linux/Samba Gurus:

I need to network a mission school of about 200 PC's running Windows 3.11 
and 95 on a very, very limited budget.  The school does not currently have 
a network.  I would like to use my PC and Red Hat Linux v5.2 and SAMBA to 
set this up as file&print server.

I am planning to install the following in my Pentium 133mhz PC for this 

(1) Adaptec 2940B-UW PCI SCSI controller for disks
(1) donated AHA-1540B ISA SCSI controller for SE tape drives
(1) 3Com 3C980-TX PCI 10/100 server NIC
approx. 20GB of donated SCSI disks
(2) donated DDS2 (2-4GB) external tape drives

For the network, I am planning to install basic 10baseT hubs in the 5 
computer labs and cable them back to the central server closet into a 
10/100 switch all with CAT5.  The server will connect directly into the 
switch at 100MB.

At this point, the server will just be used for file&print, and possibly 
internal SMTP email and maybe used as an Intranet web server .  In the 
future they may want to connect the network to the Internet.

Please comment on this scenario from both a hardware standpoint, Linux 
kernel optimal configuration standpoint, and network standpoint.  Please 
send any and all comments/recommendations/criticisms to the following 

	timlank at

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

Tim Lank

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