local user map troubles finally solved

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Tue May 11 13:09:34 GMT 1999

> > 
> > > > > You mean if
> > > > > int(guid)==int(uid)
> > > > > then bad things?
> > > >
> > > > basically, yes.
> > >
> > > That's just got to be fixed.
> > > I can't imagine how much trouble that would cause.
> > 
> > Yeah.  Its going to be a problem on most existing systems 
> > to which samba is introduced.
> You right and we know it.  Remember guys, the HEAD branch 
> code is **development** code.  Many features have matured 
> very well while others still have some work to be done.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong,  but from what I've seen on the list for
a while says that NT can have a UID and GID that match, right?  Is this on
the numerical side of things or the textual name?

If its on the name side of things, why can't there be a feature call
"group name mangling"   that would change the text name of the group for
the NT machine i.e. changing the group "user" to "g_user". Wouldn't that
solve the problem of groups that have the same name as users?? (i.e.
redhat systems that be default create uids and gids that match?)

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