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Your user have to have the "Change the system time" privilege.  You don't
say how your users are being validated.  But, if it's against an NT Domain
Controller go into User Manager.  From the menu Policies/User Rights you'll
get a pop-up box.  Then, click on the "Right" pull-down list and pick
"Change the system time".  Then, click on "Add" and put "Everyone" in the
access list.

As for doing the same when SAMBA is validating users somebody else will have
to answer that.
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Using samba 2.0.3 on Solaris, everyone who logs in starts a logon-script
with some net commands. Unfortunately the command "net time ..." does
only run for administrators, not for normal user in the domain. What
must be changed ?

Or does another function exists for synchronizing time between the
samba server and the clients?



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