Plz help...This is an emergency !!!

Christian Ejstrup ce at
Tue May 11 08:20:10 GMT 1999

Hi, all

	Something absolutely terrible has happened, which might result in Samba
NOT being the future file-server here at my company...Yesterday I
mounted two shares on an NT-server to my Linux box. I then copied all
the files from the mounted share to a disk on the linux box with the
command: "cp -fuR"  and then I thought everything was OK (this should
just copy newer files recursively)....But, today we discovered that ALL
the files on the NT-server has been corrupted with regards to the date
information !!! We have files from 1971 and 2005 now...all over the
place..And it is just on the share which was copied to the linux
box.....PLZ help..What the f... is going on here ??? I haven't set any
options in the smb.conf file except:

	workgroup,netbios name,hosts allow  otherwise it's untouched...

	The NT-server is ver. 4.0 running SP4, the linux box is a Redhat 6.0
running samba 2.0.3 (the one that came with RH 6.0) and kernel
smp...The linux box is an SMP machine.....

hope someone can explain this..It's really sick in my ipinion..

best regards

Christian Ejstrup, RF Development Engineer.
ATL Research A/S, Sofiendalsvej 85, DK-9200 Aalborg SV, Denmark
Phone:+45 9634 6868  Fax:+45 9634 6869 <>

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