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ARYO K. SUKARNO aryosukarno at earthlink.net
Mon May 10 21:28:45 GMT 1999

Sorry to reposting, I found that my previous messages was empty.
Here the problem:
I'm trying to configure samba I downloaded from cvs to be a PDC in =
conjuction with nisplus.
Here what I do to configure
./configure \
--prefix=/usr/local/samba \
And here the error output that I received:
Compiling passdb/sampassdb.c
passdb/sampassdb.c: In function `initialise_sam_password_db':
passdb/sampassdb.c:70: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer =
without a=20
Compiling passdb/sampass.c
Compiling passdb/sampassldap.c
Compiling passdb/mysqlsampass.c
Compiling passdb/passdb.c
passdb/passdb.c: In function `initialise_password_db':
passdb/passdb.c:70: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
Compiling passdb/smbpassfile.c
Compiling passdb/smbpass.c
Compiling passdb/pass_check.c
passdb/pass_check.c:93: warning: initialization from incompatible =
pointer type
passdb/pass_check.c:93: parse error before `;'
make: *** [passdb/pass_check.o] Error 1

Thank you
I really appreciate if someone can tell me how to fix this.

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