local user map troubles finally solved

Florian Laws florian at void.s.bawue.de
Sun May 9 21:07:11 GMT 1999

Hi Samba developers,

after months of desparate trying I finally managed to get 
Local Administrator privileges working. And it turned
to be out soo easy:

$ cat /usr/local/samba/lib/localgroup.map
$ cat /usr/local/samba/lib/domaingroup.map
adm="Domain Admins"

just exactly as in the FAQ.
But now I wonder: Why does it _have_ to be precisely the groups
adm and wheel? Are there some hardcoded references to these groups?
A quick grep through the source didn't show any. Or are there hard
references to the well-known (?) GIDs for adm and wheel?
adm has GID 4 on my Debian Linux, I created wheel myself giving it
the GID 11. 
For groups with other names and/or GIDs around 100, it doesn't work.
Perhaps this should be stressed in the FAQ.

Anyway: Samba-PDC is so cool!

BTW: in CVS-1999-05-08 there are two new and undocumented parameters:
"server ntlmv2" and "builtin group map".
What are these for?
It also seems that Jean Francois Micouleau has checked in some of the
NT printing code, at least the "nt printer driver" and "nt forms file"
parameters suggest this. Is there already some documentation available?

Much thanks.

now for the next problem: password changing with smbpasswd doen't work
when non-root, smbpasswd always says the old password doesn't match.
I think I'll have to investigate this a bit more, but when you have an
idea or want to look at my config, feel free to tell me. :-)

Again 1000 thanks,


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