2nd try: joining ok but login error

Tobias Hoff hoff at uni-duesseldorf.de
Sat May 8 21:55:56 GMT 1999

Sorry, i think i've forgotten some info

I try to set um an Samba-PDC. I'm a newbe (not in linux, not in samba, but
in samba-PDC-config) and ran into some trouble:

- logging in from an Win9x Wkst with encrypted passwords and roaming
profiles works fine
- joining the samba-domain as a NT4/SP3 Workstation works fine


- logging in to the samba-domain with this Wkst doesn't work at all
- starting the server-manager for the samba-domain gives 'Windows NT Backup'
as Type for the samba-server
- starting the user-manager for the samba-domain is not possible

i compiled samba from the HEAD-BRANCH
last updated on Thu 6 May
smb.conf looks like

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 1999/05/08 23:09:25

# Global parameters
 workgroup = HOFF
 netbios name = SERVER_LINUX
 encrypt passwords = Yes
 update encrypted = Yes
 unix password sync = Yes
 logon script = %U.bat
 logon drive = h:
 domain logons = Yes
 os level = 65
 preferred master = True
 domain master = True
 wins support = Yes

 read only = No

 path = /domain/netlogon

please help !!!

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