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Sat May 8 15:14:22 GMT 1999

> >1) You could probably hack netatalk to pass authentication to samba.
> >
> >2) Use macintosh services for NT (available with NT Server... I 
> >don't know if it's included with any of the bundles or if its an
> >extra-cost option).
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe SAMBA supports 
> AppleShare in the say MacOS Services for NT does.  From my 
> experience, the service allows you to create an additional share on 
> an NT box, that shares to an Appleshare network.  Since Macs have a 
> different scheme for setting share permissions, NT just creates a 
> whole new share.  I don't remember exact issues, but I know it was a 
> nightmare and getting DAVE was a much better solution.

Netatalk is more or less samba for Macs (using appletalk). I have several
servers using netatalk and samba on the same machine serving the same
shares and it works very well.  Since netatalk uses PAM, We installed the
"pam_smb" pam module so all mac users are authenticated against the
primary samba server(password server).

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