Current CVS version segfaults upon login

storner at storner at
Thu May 6 15:47:42 GMT 1999

A couple of days ago I grabbed the latest CVS source and put it
on my experimental Samba PDC. (This was to try and solve a 
problem I had with login occasionally taking a VERY long
time - and the upgrade did appear to solve that particular

Everything worked fine until this morning. When I login from 
an NT4 WS, the username/password verifies OK - then the WS
attempts to connect to the netlogon- and profile- shares, and 
the smbd process segfaults. Needless to say, this is rather
annoying :-)

I checked the CVS archive. and it seems that I am running the
latest checked-in version of the code.

Log-files and configuration available upon request.

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