Multiple users, one uid/gid and a domain

Samuel Liddicott sam at
Thu May 6 13:00:10 GMT 1999

Can't you just have in smb.conf


and use your other server as the authentification machine?

And then have 
force user=
to force the uid for most users.


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> Hello,
> 	We are running a samba domain at school serving 200 computers
> (over 1500 users) very well and are looking at setting up a 
> second server
> to serve as the library file server. This file server will 
> have a share
> which has the library software on it. We want to setup the 
> following:
> 1. Every user has read access to this share.
> 2. The librarian and certian others will have write access
> 3. We want to setup the least number of accounts on the machine as
> possible, adding every student (over 1500) to the library 
> server is not a
> very promising option:)	
> 4. Authenticate off the domain.
> 	I looked at usermap, but it maps the password accross, so that
> does not work the way I need it to.
> 	Ideas? :)
> 	from,
> 		Matthew Enger
> 		menger at

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