Multiple users, one uid/gid and a domain

Matthew Enger menger at
Thu May 6 11:27:36 GMT 1999

	We are running a samba domain at school serving 200 computers
(over 1500 users) very well and are looking at setting up a second server
to serve as the library file server. This file server will have a share
which has the library software on it. We want to setup the following:

1. Every user has read access to this share.
2. The librarian and certian others will have write access
3. We want to setup the least number of accounts on the machine as
possible, adding every student (over 1500) to the library server is not a
very promising option:)	
4. Authenticate off the domain.

	I looked at usermap, but it maps the password accross, so that
does not work the way I need it to.

	Ideas? :)

		Matthew Enger
		menger at

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