NIS+ vs. NT-Passwords / Browsing

Frank Beimfohr beimfohr at Statistik.Uni-Dortmund.DE
Thu May 6 09:36:11 GMT 1999

I try to configure samba v2.0.3 to connect a NT-subnet with a 
Solaris-2.5.1-Subnet. The aim is to make the file systems visible and workable 
for the other system.

I have two big problems and I spent a lot of time to solve them but I failed, so 
I hope somebody can help me:

1.) I configured the Solaris-Server to be a WINS-Server. If I try to connect to 
the machine via NT, I get a login shell. But the Unix-machine isn't browsed in 
NT's explorer (cause of the different subnet?). How can I get this?

2.) The Login on the unix-client failes. I obviously have to use encrypted 
passwords but how can I setup the smbpasswd-file? The Solaris-machine is a 
NISplus-Server. In the Samba/source/script-directory, there are two scripts 
"" and "". But I didn't find any documentation 
so I don't know how to use them. Furthermore is it possible to change the 
Samba-password each time the Unix-password is changed and vice versa? I don't 
want the users to have two passwords...

It would be great if somebody could help!

Frank Beimfohr
University of Dortmund, Germany
Email: beimfohr at

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