Usefull tips regarding large roaming profile ?

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed May 5 22:32:42 GMT 1999

At 12:10 AM 06/05/1999 +1000, Inge-Haavard Hunstad wrote:
>Dejan Ilic wrote:
>> This should be a useful and clean solution to all people that complain
>> about long download of huge roaming profile. Can someone add this to a FAQ?
>Is there a way to disable use of profiles at all i NT or samba?
>We are using samba cvs ver dated march 15. as PDC and samba ver 2.0.3 as
>file server. Teoreticaly we are going to have 6000 users of 60 computers

I have a similar situation, I tell the NTs not to cache the profiles
locally (with a policy), let it send the profile to the server and then
have a script to remove the profile from the server shortly after the user
logs off. Clumsy but it does work.

I can send you the details if you like.

I like the look of Dejan suggestion.


>running NT4sp3. Roaming profiles in the home dir is not an alternative
>because of NTDOMFAQ Q4.1.1. Having a local profile is not very good
>either because then the profiles are wasting diskspace on 60 machines
>instead of one. In the future we are going to include more labs with
>computers that we don't control in our domain. Difference in software
>and hardware config is then going to corrupt the profile so our solution
>now is to delete the profile after beeing uploaded to the server. 
>Thanks in advance for any solution that can help me solve my profiles
>Keep up the good work:-)
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