Win95 userlist confusion

Samuel Liddicott sam at
Wed May 5 15:19:14 GMT 1999

At there are strong hints that user lists should at least be visible for win95 clients; yet I get the famous old error something like "a user list is not available at this time please try again later";

Is true and I'm doing something wrong?

I checked out the cvs HEAD branch today and this is what I am using.

Also when I try and connect to a remote win95 PC (as myself) as an administrator if I give the wrong password I am told that there are no logon servers to service the request (after a few goes) but if I give the right password it ALWAYS complains it is the wrong password.
Just wondered if there is anything I am supposed to setup to make this work?  How should I tell it that *I* am an admistrator?

I'm trying to get admin$ share to work via smbtar so I can use VFIND unix anti-virus software to scan PC's over the network at night time.


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