Problems Creating Shared Folders

Philip Ciufo phil at
Mon May 3 03:22:22 GMT 1999


I have installed samba on a Linux 2.0.35 slackware machine and all seems 
to be fine as far as file access, authentication etc etc is concerned. 
What I'm trying to say is the the samba/linux setup is working well for 
my NT domain. Except for one small problem ...

If I log in to my NT workstation using the local domain (the workstation 
domain and not the NT domain) and I try to create a share for a folder 
such that only one user has full access, the whole process falls over and 
I get an explorer.exe exception fault. The workstation is running NT4SP3.
This is what I do ... (I can faithfully reproduce this fault many times)

Example	- Workstation name joe
	- NT Domain bloggs

1. Login to 'joe' as user administrator on domain 'joe'
2. Create a folder c:\test
3. Right click on this folder and select 'Sharing...' from the ensuing menu
4. Click on the 'Shared As:' radio button
5. Click on the 'Permissions...' button

At this point, 'everyone' has full control access over this shared 
resource. I don't want this, so I select 'Add...' to include the user I 
really want. This is where things go bang. I get a message from Dr Watson
telling me that an application error has occurred. I won't post the stack 
trace here :) The error is EXPLORER.EXE, access violation.

The version of samba I am running is vanilla samba-2.0.3. That is, the 
distribution from the samba ftp site, no updates on the NT code.

Any ideas ?

Phil Ciufo

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