Automated NT install

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Mon May 3 02:14:21 GMT 1999

Yes, it's possible -- you can create a bootable DOS disk with the
Microsoft Client for DOS (there's a link from the Samba page to the
location). What we do is:

- Have a share on the samba server called nt (real original naming,huh?)
that is the "distribution share point" referred to in the NT literature.
It's structured the same way, but also includes format, fdisk, and an old
public domain program called that will simply wipe out the
partition table on a disk.

- Boot to the bootable disk to make the network connection and attach
\\population\nt; do a slate, fdisk, and format, then do winnt with all the
switches -- works fine (although the process of setting up an automated
install with NT is no picnic, and we haven't yet made it work entirely

Good luck-

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