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Benjamin Kuit bj at
Tue Mar 30 13:04:25 GMT 1999

> my problems are going on.
> the first user who logs onto NT gets the profile I want. The others get
> the local profile because NT says there is no profile availible from the
> server.
> What am I doing wrong?????????????????????

Without knowing what your smb.conf file is, I can only guess, but it
sounds like you want a single roaming profile for all users, ie

logon path = \\someserver\profile   for everyone.

Chances are you created the profile you wanted, copied it into place
and then let the PDC fun to begin, but left the 'ntuser.dat' file as

Leaving the ntuser.dat means the next person who uses it will have
their settings written to it, including permissions on who's allowed
to use it.

If this is the case, after creating the profile, rename the 'ntuser.dat'
file to '', this changes the profile from roaming to mandatory.

Of course, if this isn't the problem, then I dont know what I'm talking
about, and I should get some sleep =)



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