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Greg Dickie greg at
Tue Mar 30 12:38:39 GMT 1999

Hi Cord,

  If you turn up the debugging level (20 or so) on samba and check the log
files you should see exacly what the problem is. One note about that, if you
haven't already done it, it's MUCH easier to debug if you separate your logs
with a line like "log file = /var/samba/log.%m.%U" (ie: by machine and user)


On 30-Mar-99 Cord-H. Fricke wrote:
> Hi there,
> my problems are going on.
> the first user who logs onto NT gets the profile I want. The others get
> the local profile because NT says there is no profile availible from the
> server.
> What am I doing wrong?????????????????????
> Waiting urgently for help
> Cord

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