Publishing the server with another name (again)

Jose Luis Montero Saez - Lab. Calculo LSI joseluis at
Mon Mar 29 17:54:52 GMT 1999

Hello to everybody.

I have sent this message a few weeks ago, and I haven't had any useful
response. I'll try again :-) because my problem continues. 

I have one Samba server, 2.0 version, on solaris 2.6. 

My server is the domain master and the wins server for the NT clients,
and it is running with encrypted passwords. 

When I run the server with his name (his hostname), all is correct and
Nt clients can attach the domain, they can  enter and they can execute
the logon script I have. Ok, right.

But, I would  need to publish the server  with another name, different
to  his  real name.  For example:    "NT_server".  Then, I  reboot the
daemons and the Samba server is on the right  workgroup with the right
name, "NT_server",   NT clients  can  attach the  server and  they can
browse the shares but the logon script is never executed.

If I try to execute manually, it says:

\\NT_server\netlogon isn't one valid path to the real directory.
UNC path's are not allowed. 
Making predetermined the directory of Windows. 

(I have one spanish  version of NT and I  have translated  the message
error, sorry)

I have tested it with debug level of 10 and I haven't seen anything

Is  it possible to  publish my  server with a  different  name  and to
continue executing the logon script?. Can somebody help me?. 

Thank you in advance. 


			José Luis Montero
			Computing Laboratory - Dept. Software UPC
			Barcelona, Spain

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