SWAT and FreeBSD 3.1

Jose M. Alcaide jose at we.lc.ehu.es
Sat Mar 27 14:29:08 GMT 1999

Donjuma Lee wrote:
> don't know how to fix it but this is what is happening to me.  This is my
> first time installing samba.  Also running FreeBSD 3.1

If you install Samba 2.0.x on a FreeBSD 3.1 system, NOT from
/usr/ports/net/samba, but rather by hand, the so built Samba
uses PAM (pluggable authentication modules). Unfortunately,
the PAM module needed by Samba does not exist (yet) in FreeBSD.

If you install Samba from /usr/ports/net/samba (simply typing
"make install"), the so built Samba is automatically patched for
disabling PAM support, and it does work. However, the ports
tree included in the FreeBSD 3.1 distribution installs Samba 2.0.2,
not 2.0.3. You can update you ports tree to current status; in
this way, the samba port will install Samba 2.0.3 on your system.

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