SWAT and FreeBSD 3.1

Jose M. Alcaide jose at we.lc.ehu.es
Fri Mar 26 09:25:30 GMT 1999

Lanny Baron wrote:
> I recently installed FreeBSD 3.1 on a machine and put in Samba-
> 2.0.3. I have installed Samba before and is currently running on
> another FreeBSD box. The thing is, Swat will not run or rather,
> when prompted for the name and passwd (root and root's passwd)
> it comes back as wrong.
> Does anyone know how to fix this?

I think that a FreeBSD list such as freebsd-questions or freebsd-ports
would be more appropriate for sending this question :-)

How did you installed Samba on your FreeBSD box? I ask you about
this because there is a problem with Samba 2.0.x and FreeBSD's PAM
(pluggable authentication modules). This problem is solved with a
small patch for the Samba source, but this patch is automatically
applied if you install Samba from the wonderful FreeBSD's ports
collection (/usr/ports/net/samba).

If you don't want to install the Samba port, then you could
apply the patch yourself: /usr/ports/net/samba/patches/patch-ad.

Hoping this helps,

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