NT Domain AND cleartext passwords on same server

Jason F. N. Coffer jfncoffer at ucdavis.edu
Thu Mar 25 16:48:22 GMT 1999

It appears that encrypted passwords must be in use for samba to be a PDC --
NT workstations can't recognize they are in the domain otherwise.  However,
I want to use cleartext passwords to allow users to login on the workstation.

Is there a way for a samba server to have dual functionality --
authenticating workstations via encrypted passwords while allowing user
logins (from the same workstations) via cleartext passwords?  My reading of
the mailing list archives indicate that this currently isn't possible,
hopefully I am wrong.

Could a feature like this be implemented in a future release?

Jason F. N. Coffer  -  jfncoffer at ucdavis.edu 
Division of Biological Sciences, U.C. Davis  

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