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Jonathan Michael Hawkins spiritu at
Thu Mar 25 16:24:04 GMT 1999

Jonathan Michael Hawkins wrote:
> Ana Maria Escalante wrote:
> >
> > Hi all:
> >      I have two RedHat 5.1 servers running samba. One is my E-mail server
> > and will share the home directories over samba, the other one is my PDC
> > and will share applications over samba. I do not have an NT server and
> > want to sync all my passwords: linux and samba in both servers. I tried to
> > configure one as a PDC and the other as a SDC both with UNIX password
> > sync, but it seems that I should have at least one NT server for this to
> > work.
> Assuming you can find a good Kerberos-authenticating GINA (we have one
> here, but I'm pretty sure it's not for public consumption), a proper
> Kerb setup should do ya fine for this.
> I think. ;)

Okay, so this is bad form, but I just now realized that you have no NT
box in your setup.  Kerberos should do you fine for the entire thing,
then :)


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