Forcing Domain Logons in Win98

Lee Havemann lee at
Thu Mar 25 14:53:42 GMT 1999

Or grab poledit from any NT 4.0 system - works under win 95/98.

Run poledit:

Click on File > Open registry > Local Computer > Windows 95 Network >
Logon > check the "Requires validation by network for Windows access"

I think you can also enable the Remote registry service and do it remotely
on all the user machines...


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>  This is true,  done easily with "System Policy Editor".  On
>  logon all my Win95
>  machines update their registries from a central per-user
>  file on a Linux/Samba
>  server.  "System Policy Editor" is on the Win95 Cd under the apptools
>  directory.

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