Malformed Lanman password entry (non hex chars)

David Krovich dkrovich at
Thu Mar 25 03:10:15 GMT 1999

	Ok, I'm having some weirdness going on....

	I'm creating a smbpasswd file consisting of just me using the
following command:

niscat passwd.org_dir | grep dkrovich | cut -f1-7 -d: | > smbpasswd

The output looks like this:


	When I run smbpasswd on the user dkrovich as root to change the 
password, I get the following error.  (Debug level is set to 10)

# smbpasswd dkrovich

<--lots of debugging cut out -->
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
search by name: dkrovich
startfilepwent: opening file /sys/pdcsamba/private/smbpasswd
getsmbfilepwent: Malformed Lanman password entry (non hex chars)
getfileline: end of file reached
getsmbfilepwent: end of file reached.
endfilepwent: closed file.
Failed to find entry for user dkrovich.
Failed to change password entry for dkrovich

	If I delete the XXXXX dkrovich entry from smbpasswd, and then add 
the user dkrovich using smbpasswd -a dkrovich, everything seems to work 

	What am I doing wrong?
David Krovich
West Virginia University
Manager/Information Systems
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

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