Password sync

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Mar 25 00:02:26 GMT 1999

>      I have two RedHat 5.1 servers running samba. One is my E-mail server
> and will share the home directories over samba, the other one is my PDC
> and will share applications over samba. I do not have an NT server and
> want to sync all my passwords: linux and samba in both servers. I tried to
> configure one as a PDC and the other as a SDC both with UNIX password
> sync, but it seems that I should have at least one NT server for this to
> work.
>      Any ideas? I will be very thankfull.

 I run 'rsync' over 'ssh' to copy /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and smbpasswd
over to 2 other machines.
 I only run the sync once a day, so passwords could take up to 24hrs to
get to the other servers, but in practice this seems to work fine.
 rsync only sends changes, so I guess you could run more often. (Or
arrange to run the sync script when one of the 3 files changes.)

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