can't initialise shared memory

Patrick Barmentlo pbm at
Wed Mar 24 18:06:33 GMT 1999


I have a strange problem.

have a samba box.. (2.0.2) running on a FreeBSD 3.0 .
with systemV shared mem options in my kernel..

It used to work oke..
It is an NT domain member. all authentication handeld by  the PDC.

suddenly.. i get the following mess:

"ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes!
Can't initialise shared memory - exiting"

this i get with the smbstatus commmand..

I can't figure out what's the workt for a while (2 months)

With some higher debugging on .. i can see it communicate with the NT pdc.
put as soon as i want to use a share.. ;-(

Hope anyone can point me out to some right direction..

(i use samba to be a 'nfs' gateway to use homedirs on a NFS server..)



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