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Wed Mar 24 16:27:32 GMT 1999

At 4:45 AM -0800 3/24/99, Georg Hedderich wrote:
>Hello everyone !
>Our NT-login to a  Samba controlled Domain fails .
>The "smb.conf" contains: "workgroup = SAMBA" and "domain logons = yes". We
>created an account in "passwd" and "smbpasswd" for the username and
>workstationname. Then we changed in the NT Network Settings to the domain
>and we saw the wonderful message saying "Welcome to the SAMBA Domain". Now we
>have access to Samba about the network, but we can not log in to the
>Samba-domain about the login-window of NT. It fails with the message "The
>system can not log in you now, the domain SAMBA is not available".
>Any solutions?
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Do you have "encrypt passwords = yes" or have you changed registry on
your NT systems to use non encrypted passwords?  Of these, I'd recommend
using encrypted passwords.

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