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Michael S. Hulet hulet at
Tue Mar 23 18:58:34 GMT 1999

OK here is what I have to do to save my roaming profiles.
1.  Change the roaming profile to a local profile.
2.  Copy the profile to a directory changing the Permitted to Use to the
Domain Name/User
3.  Copy that profile into a newly created roaming profile directory on
the server.

Painful but it works.  The moral of the story is never change your domain
SID unless you want to start over.  I always thought it only affected my
workstations but I have now learned the hard way that it affects all my
users too.  Write your Domain SID down on paper and keep several copies
around just in case.  Thanks for the replys and suggestions.

Michael Hulet
Network System Administrator
ITTC, University of Kansas

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Todd Pfaff wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Michael S. Hulet wrote:
> > I just upgraded my production PDC with my test PDC (because it was working
> > fine).  The problem I am having is with roaming profiles.  When I joined
> > the NT workstations to the new domain, they still use their old roaming
> > profiles.  The profile downloads fine but they are unable to change and
> > save any of their desktop settings, the netscape print button is greyed
> > out, some applications say access denied (MS Outlook, ICQ, Coldfusion,
> > ..)  I put the users domain login into the local administrator group (not
> > recommended) and all the problems go away.  Has anyone else tackled this
> > problem and can give me some hints?  Hopefully I can fix it without
> > telling the users to create a new profile.
> i think the problem is that when you changed pdcs all your domain sids
> changed, or something like that, and the profile has a 'permitted to use'
> setting that indicates which users are allowed to access the profile.
> the solution is to change this 'permitted to use' to either the correct
> user, or everyone.  in samba-2.0.x you have to set it to everyone because
> nt workstations can't get the necessary domain user information from a
> samba 2.0.x pdc.  with samba-2.1prealpha it may be possible to set it to a
> valid domain user.
> to change the 'permitted to use', go to My Computer->User Profiles, select
> the profile you want to set, click the Copy To button, and then set the
> copy-to location to the root directory of that users roaming profile and
> set the permitted to use field to a domain user name or everyone.
> with a samba-2.0.x pdc you have to do this while logged into a local
> account and not a domain account or the program will crash when it tries
> to get the domain user list from the pdc (alternatively, you can unplug
> your network cable and the nt system will just timeout trying to contact
> the pdc).  i'm not sure about samba 2.1.
> unfortunately, i don't know of a quick way to do this for multiple
> profiles.  point and click, one at a time.  yuck.
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