Weirdness: MS Access Files on Samba NT Dom

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Mar 23 00:47:13 GMT 1999

> I attempted to set   veto oplock file = /*.*/ for the share,
> and still the Access file will not open.
> Running debug level 4 shows the file being created, then cleared very
> quickly:
>   tas opened file testit.ldb read=Yes write=No (numopen=4)
>   set_share_mode: Created share entry for testit.ldb with mode 0x8040 pid=8893
>   call_trans2qfilepathinfo testit.ldb level=258 call=7 total_data=0
>   tas closed file testit.ldb (numopen=3)
>   unix_clean_name [/testit.ldb]
>   unix_clean_name [testit.ldb]
> (this was done using a grep on tail -f of log.smb)
> Does "veto oplock file = /*.*/" not work or is there a better
> way to try this? How do I know the veto is working?

 I run a couple of access DBs off samba shares. As long as the
user has write permission to the DB directory (so they can create
the .ldb file) it works fine for me. No oplock veto or any thing,
just in my case allowing 'group' write to that directory.

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