status of enumusers?

Harald Hannelius harald at
Sun Mar 21 17:46:24 GMT 1999

Hi there, 

I just wonder what the status of enumusers is. It would be neat if we
could start using user-level sharing on the NT-wks's and the long name of
the user would show up if the wks is locked.

I have mapped around all my unix-groups in a so I don't
have any groupname that match a username. 

When I try 'rpclient -S server' and enter 'lsaquery' and 'enumgroup' the
samba server returns the group list fine, but 'enumusers' just dumps core
on me. Hmm, anyone want more info?

(some 770 users, ~20 groups)

Thanks for your time.

Harald H Hannelius | Harald at      | GSM +358405470870

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