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Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Thu Mar 18 14:01:50 GMT 1999

Sergey Esin enscribed thusly:
> Hello!

> Please help to resolve a problem.

> RedHat Linux 5.1 (with updated gcc, ..), Kernel 2.2.3,
> samba compiled "--with smbmount".

> I am trying to mount a directory from NT Server 4.0:
> smbmount "\\\\SERVER\\SHARE" password -U Username -c "mount /mnt/share".

> All works except file times. Under Linux I can't see file time from WinNT 4.0
> share. I've read FAQ but it seems like "smbmount" doesn't use smb.conf at all.

	File time corruption from Windows NT servers it typically caused
by compiling in the "WIN95 Bug Workaround" into the kernel.  That compile
option forces on options in the smbfs module to deal with some Windows 95
bugs.  Unfortunately, it also screws up the reported time stamp from
Windows NT.

	If you are ONLY mounting shares from Windows 95, you can use this
option when compiling the kernel.

	If you are mounting ANY shares from Windows NT, you should NOT
use this option when compiling the kernel.

	If you are mounting shares from BOTH Windows 95 and Windows NT,
leave this option disabled in the kernel.  You can enable the bug
workaround on a share by share basis for the Windows 95 shares.  For
Windows 95 shares (only!) specify a file mode with the octal 01000 bit
enabled in the mount command to smbmount similar to this:

] smbmount //SERVER/SHARE password -U Username -c "mount /mnt/share -f 1660"

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> Regards,
> Sergey Esin <samba at>

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