Weirdness: MS Access Files on Samba NT Dom

Aaron Knauf aaron at
Thu Mar 18 04:05:30 GMT 1999

Works for me (standard Samba 2.0.3, configured as PDC, also worked on
2.0.2).  Access creates its .ldb file quite happily.  I hate to point out
the obvious, but do your users have write access to the directory
containing the database file?  Is the share read-only? Of course, the
DIRECTORY must have the w permission set for the appropriate user/group to
enable them to create the lock file.

If the database need not be written to, you could also try making it
read-only (this allows multi-user access without designing the DB to cope
with that).

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Todd Stiers <tas at> on 18/03/99 13:52:54

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Subject:  Weirdness: MS Access Files on Samba NT Dom


I have come across a very strange error since upgrading my servers
to Samba NT Dom 2.0 (late January).

Apparently, MS Access 97 files can no longer be opened and run
from the Samba fileservers. I can copy the files to NT local machines,
they work, I can put them on NT shares, MS Access works, and I
can put them on samba 1.9x versions and it works.

Whats changed? Was it/is it intentional?

Currently, only windows 95/98 machines seem to be able to open
the MS Access docs stored on Samba NT Dom servers.

Access seems to create a locking file on real NT and real NT shares,
but on neither of the Samba (NT Dom and regular).



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