Roaming Profiles

Michael S. Hulet hulet at
Wed Mar 17 14:41:34 GMT 1999

I just upgraded my production PDC with my test PDC (because it was working
fine).  The problem I am having is with roaming profiles.  When I joined
the NT workstations to the new domain, they still use their old roaming
profiles.  The profile downloads fine but they are unable to change and
save any of their desktop settings, the netscape print button is greyed
out, some applications say access denied (MS Outlook, ICQ, Coldfusion,
...)  I put the users domain login into the local administrator group (not
recommended) and all the problems go away.  Has anyone else tackled this
problem and can give me some hints?  Hopefully I can fix it without
telling the users to create a new profile.

Michael Hulet
Network System Administrator
ITTC, University of Kansas

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