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Dominic Baines rdab100 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 17 22:16:19 GMT 1999

Lanny Baron wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what the best way to have  a mixed Samba/NT environment is?

My suggestion for the moment would be in an NT dominated environment
where PDC/BDC type architecture exists would be to use NT as the
authentication servers and to use the Samba servers as file/printer servers.

Eventually Samba will be able to offer PDC/BDC type operations
but as Gerry Carter states PDC isn't supported. It does function
in v2.0.0 upwards IF there is only the one PDC and no BDC's about.

This may not show all the capabilities of Samba immediately but may be
the least painless way to go. You can then use lesser/older hardware for the
NT servers and better/newer kit for Samba.

Alternatively if you don't need the NT Servers then perhaps just use
Samba as the authentication/file/print/wins/et al server and run NT
workstations (roaming profiles et al) and Linux desktops with Gnome or KDE.

The Samba docs especially those on WinNT, NTDomain, Encryption,
and the excellent smb.conf(5).html are necessary reading. Don't forget
to look at the notes on the plaintext passwords and the registry entries :-)

They should be in /docs under where you extracted the Samba source to.

Good luck.

Dominic Baines

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