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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Mar 17 13:52:02 GMT 1999

Lanny Baron wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what the best way to have  a 
> mixed Samba/NT environment is? 

And that is the question we spend our life answering... ;)

Couple of points

* You should enable password encryption on the Samba server.

* if you operating in a workgroup enivironment, the set the 
  Samba server to user level security and keep a normal list 
  of account in the smbpasswd file.

* if you are using a domain model, refer to the DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt 
  file that is in the docs/textdocs/ directory of the Samba 
  2.0.x distributions.

Also, here's a tag from NTDOMAIN.txt...

Please note that Samba 2.0 does not **officially** support 
domain logons for Windows NT clients.  Of course, domain logon 
support for Windows 9x clients is complete and official.  These 
are two different issues.

Samba's capability to act as a Primary Domain Controller for 
Windows NT domains is not advertised as it is not completed yet.  
For more information regarding how to obtain the latest 
development (HEAD branch) source code and what features are 
available, please refer to the NT Domain FAQ on-line at the 
Samba web site under the documentation page.

Hope this helps.  Contact me one on one if you need more info.

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