no login on ppp disconnection

Armin Amon Armin.Amon at
Wed Mar 17 09:45:41 GMT 1999


maybe the route table is not setup correctly. Some ppp scripts modify the route
table when hand-up the ppp connection. Compare the route table before
connecting to the internet and afterwards. Maybe you find something there.

ciao Armin

Grant Stephenson wrote:

> hello.. I have been having this strange problem for a long time with samba,
> and I am not sure where to look to resolve it.
> I have samba running as a pdc to windows 98, and windows NT boxes, and that
> same samba machine also has a ppp connection to the internet.
> the samba services are only bound to the ethernet addapter on that machine,
> yet for some reason when my ppp connection goes away (I got disconnected
> for one reason or another) the machines on the lan (the win98, and NT boxes
> previously mentioned) are no longer capable of loggin into the domain.. the
> cannot find the domain controller.
> I must then recconnect the ppp connection, and then restart samba before
> the machines can login again.
> if the machines are still logged in they can access the shares just fine
> and you would never know there is a problem.
> and when you run a /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb stop
> you get a
> Shutting down SMB services: smbd nmbd kill: (26056) - No such pid
> even though the process was listed before issueing the command.
> any Idea what is causeing this, and how I can resolve it?
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