Kixtart Remote Procedure Calls on a samba PDC

Christian Perrier perrier at
Mon Mar 15 17:20:08 GMT 1999

I'm currently using on some domains login scripts with Kixtart (a utility
from the NT Server Resource Kit). Kixtart uses Remote Procedure Calls for
getting things like the list of a group a user is belonging to and so on.

This is done by running a special service on the logon servers of the
domain, called RPCSRV.EXE (ad far as I remember).

Of course, such scripts do not work with a samba PDC. Is it planned to add a
similar functionality in further releases (or is it already possible for
some functions in the current releases)?

My main concern is getting automatic connections to some resources on file
servers depending on the groups the user is belonging to.

With Kixtart, I do something like this (I'm not sure of the syntax, but
you'll get the poinbt, I hope) :

if ingroup("staff")
    connect S: \\server\staff

This behaviour is the last one I'm missing for migrating some domains
towards samba PDC (assuming, I don't want BDC).


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