Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Stefan Walter walter at
Fri Mar 12 21:25:14 GMT 1999

> i haven't specifically coded to deal with this.  most definitely nt
> _cannot_ have group names same as user names same as domain names: the
> entire name space *must* be unique, end of story.  try it, if you like:
> try adding a group named YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME on an nt box with usrmgr.exe.

Did you mean NT group name + NT user name are the same? That should not
be the case on my test systems. I used a freshly installed NT system + SP4
with only the default groups and the local administrator. On the PDC side
the smbpasswd contains only '<machine>$' and 'walter'. No 'domain group map'
or any other map is defined at the stage I am at.

What is the current requirement for unix groups (at least now)? Is it required
that all group names are no user names? Or at least for groups the user who
logs in belongs to? Or for groups that are mapped to NT groups?

- Stefan

Stefan Walter - SysAdmin at D-INFK (StabSoft), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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