Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Mar 12 19:42:20 GMT 1999

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, Stefan Walter wrote:

> > probably name of user + name of group were the same.
> Yes, that's true for several groups, here's one:
> 0> ypcat group | fgrep cocoon
> cocoon:*:10014:rys,wunderli,norrie,bprzydat,richwood,roehm
> inf:*:105:ammann,gonnet,monagan,bronstei,ye,wunderli,trunz,crippa,rys,relly,roo
> sli,foerster,kaufmann,schek,cocoon,hjs,loon,blott,norrie,luethi,raschle,william
> s,scheuerm,gragg,camenisc,server,simon,askoord,bickel,apalingi,galli,mmbueche,f
> axadm,phamquan,um,roehm,tomstr,aumbach
> Is this a problem? Many of the Solaris system groups also
> have a user with  the same name: root, sys, lp, uucp,... .

i haven't specifically coded to deal with this.  most definitely nt
_cannot_ have group names same as user names same as domain names: the
entire name space *must* be unique, end of story.  try it, if you like:
try adding a group named YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME on an nt box with usrmgr.exe.

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