trust relationship between a Samba PDC and a WinNT PDC ?

Jose M. Alcaide jose at
Thu Mar 11 19:04:07 GMT 1999

I am new to this list; please accept my apologies if this question
should be sent to another list. Also, I must say that I have little
(and bad) experience with Windows/NT.

I have just set up a Samba server (2.0.3) as a PDC. I can make NT
workstations join the domain (let's call it SAMBA_DOM), and everything
works fine.

There are a number of NT workstations which are in another domain
(NT_DOM) controlled by a Windows/NT PDC. What I want is that
the users defined in SAMBA_DOM could log into that domain from
any of the workstations which pertain to NT_DOM. In other words:
add SAMBA_DOM to the domain menu which appears on the
logon window.

The administrator of the NT_DOM domain told me that we need to
establish a "trust relationship" between my Samba PDC and the
Windows/NT PDC. Can Samba do this?


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