Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Stefan Walter walter at
Thu Mar 11 11:37:44 GMT 1999

> Hmmm this looks suspiciously like the problem I was having UNTIL the evening of
> March 9th when Luke fixed the group mapping code for me. Since the timing is so
> close could you possibly do an cvs update and see if it still happens?  If it
> does I can tell you step by step how to find the problem since I just went
> through it.

I did a cvs update this morning and the problem didn't go away. It *did* go 
away when
I cleaned out the /etc/group file and the NIS table to only contain the very 
After that the login worked like a charm. :)

I will try to figure out what needs to be removed from the original /etc/group 
so that things work. However if you could tell me what your solution was I'd 
be glad.

Thanks a lot!

- Stefan 

Stefan Walter - SysAdmin at D-INFK (StabSoft), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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