PDC with 2.0.3

Jens-Uwe Schmidt jens at pr-schmidt.h.uunet.de
Wed Mar 10 19:06:22 GMT 1999

Hi all,

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Hi all,
>         Now I *know* we say we're not supporting PDC with
> 2.0.3 and I'm not trying to change that, but... :-).

You mean acting like a PDC don't work; using the M$-Box for pwd-auth
should, doesn't it?
> I know that 2.0.3 broke people who were using 2.0.2 as
> a PDC, and I'm really sorry about that.
> I'm so sorry, in fact, that here is a patch for 2.0.3
> that will restore the (unsupported) PDC authentication
> functionality to 2.0.3. This code will be in 2.0.4 and
> I'll try not to break this again.
> The actual problem was the ignoring of our standard
> little-endian functions in the 'hack' unicode module
> (I'm not naming names here :-) with the result that
> it would only work on little-endian machines.
> Hope this helps,
>         Jeremy Allison,
>         Samba Team.

...patch deleted....

Do I get this right that the user authentication against a NT-PDC won't
work with 2.0.3?
I'm just busy writing an Article 'bout the changes 1.X --> 2.0.X and
tomorrow I'll setup some Boxes to figure exactly this out.
Better downgrading to 2.0.2?



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