Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Stefan Walter walter at
Wed Mar 10 20:41:23 GMT 1999

>hi Stefan
>nice to see you use samba at the ETHZ :)

We are going to use samba for file sharing anyway for the NT workstations
in the student labs. I would like to have at least the personal student
accounts managed by a samba PDC to keep passwords in sync with the
UNIX workstations and because it will be definitely easier to manage for ous. :)

>>  The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer
>>  account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account
>>  is incorrect.

>did you a smbpasswd -a -m machinename?
>you should have a line in your smbpasswd file like this:
>C:[W          ]:LCT-362C56A8:
>where noway is the name of your workstation ...
>(there should also be a "user" noway$ in your /etc/passwd because otherwise
>you can't smbpasswd -a -m machinename ...)

Yes, this was set up correctly as the NT workstation I used for tests
could join the 'SAMBA' domain of the samba server. I got the "Welcome
to the SAMBA domain" message and rebooted the workstation. When I now try
to log in with an account to the SAMBA domain, it fails. I have verified
that the initial password that was created by 'smbpasswd -a -m machinename'
got changed after the domain was joined. It did.


- Stefan

Stefan Walter - SysAdmin at D-INFK (StabSoft), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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